About The King's Pines
The King's Pines was inspired by dreams I had as a young boy building tree houses with my brothers.  Over the years these dreams became a love of nature and interest in self-sufficiency and living off the land.  The King's Pines was built entirely from its environment.  We used the trees, rocks, and sand off the site. Rain from the roofs runs into underground tanks, feeding the hot rainwater sinks and showers.  Solar panels give limited electricity throughout the cabins for reading, safety, and charging devices.

We are located in the eastern foothills of the Adirondacks, with Tughill a short drive to the west, Old Forge to the south and Cranberry Lake to the north.  The Beaver River System, consisting of a chain of beautiful mountain lakes, is a ten minute drive where you can enjoy swimming, hiking, fishing, canoeing and kayaking.  You can four wheel or snowmobile on our fifty acres, which borders the county trail system.  In winter, hike, snowshoe, or cross country ski on our property or take advantage of the many trail systems in the area.  For downhill skiing, Snow Ridge is located just south of Lowville, a thirty minute drive from The King's Pines.  It boasts the first snow of the season.  We have maps in each cabin detailing adventures and points of interest.

We have three cabins that are spread out over fifty acres to give you privacy as you enjoy the beauty of the Adirondack wilderness.  Lion's Den is our third and largest cabin and is still under construction.  It is located between the other two cabins.  With its unique design and size it will accommodate the most people.  We hope to complete it soon.